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LuSa Organics Sleeping Potion


  • Product Description

    Sweetest dreams.

    Desperate for sleep, I created Sleeping Potion for my son in 2002. Since then it has earned a devoted following. One customer pulled up curbside at the Farmers' Market after applying our Sleeping Potion tester to his daughter a few minutes before. He jumped out of the car and said "I don't know what's in that, but she was asleep before we got to the car!" He bought two.

    Ingredients: *Jojoba oil; essential oils of lavender, tangerine, chamomile, and ylang ylang.

    *certified organic ingredient

    Size: 0.25 fl. oz.

    Directions: Apply to pulse points (throat, behind ears) at bedtime. Suitable for babies (and bigger people) six months and up. For babies under six months, apply to caregiver's chest and snuggle baby in for sweet dreams.

  • Reviews

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    1. can't tell who it works for best

      Posted by lark h. on 20th Feb 2014

      i have a separate one for myself. it smells so good and it does relax me. i don't know if its in my head but after i shower before i go to bed i put it on and it just soothes me. seems to have the same effect on my baby girl as well

    2. heavenly scent, effective oils

      Posted by lauryn on 12th Nov 2013

      I love LuSa sleeping potion. the oils are very calming and smell fantastic. My only complaint is the bottle is gone so fast. I wish it was available in a larger volume but I do enjoy the roll-on applicator that keeps your fingers clean.

    3. skeptical at first

      Posted by Andrea Fowler on 20th May 2013

      i was a little skeptical about using this sleeping potion since some of the reviews were negative but I was pleasantly surprised! i'm sure that its effectiveness can vary from child to child but it worked great for me and Tyler so I am happy. It also smells wonderful.

    4. Not so magical

      Posted by Madison on 15th Apr 2013

      This product smells very pretty and it did help me to relax, but didn't seem to help my 14 month unwind. Last night was the first time we used it though, so I will definitely make it a part of our routine and hopefully as time goes on the oil will help her to relax and fall asleep faster.

    5. It's not that magical

      Posted by Unknown on 3rd Mar 2013

      My 24 month old has always had a hard time winding down. We have tried warm milk, chamomile tea, Homeopathic, aromatherapy, etc. The reviews on this sleeping potion made it sound pretty amazing. Everyone said we would not be disappointed. Maybe my hopes were too high, but this potion made no difference. I even tried rubbing it on myself and snuggling my newborn (per the directions for children under 6 months) and it didn't effect him at all either. It smells nice, and it wasn't a battle getting it on her...she likes it. But it's really not as magical as I was led to believe. So...maybe it works for some, but I thought I should leave a review so others wouldn't get their hopes as high as I did. It's lovely stuff, but no miracle.

    6. Can't believe it actually works

      Posted by Molly on 22nd Jul 2012

      I use this primarily for my 4 yr old who is Autistic. He has difficulty winding down after a long day or if we spend the night at my parents house he has a hard time relaxing and feeling comfortable to go to bed. So I use this on him and I truly thought I wasn't going to work....But it did. Both occasions Braden feel asleep and slept through the night. And I've now started using it on Cody when he is having trouble falling asleep. It is a must now in my household. I keep it right next to their tooth brushes. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a little help for bedtime. You won't be disappointed. And the bonus is that is smells wonderful.

    7. Works awesome on my baby!

      Posted by Caroline on 22nd May 2012

      This has been a dream for my baby, who is about 10 months old. He's often exhausted by bedtime and has a hard time winding down. A little behind his ears and on his neck and he's OUT. But it's not as helpful with my toddler, who is 2. We've started calling it his magic sleep potion, and sometimes that helps calm him long enough for him to fall asleep, but the aromatherapy is definitely not enough. It likely will be for the baby when he's a toddler, because it's already part of his routine, but it's hard to start as a toddler, I think. Still, I'll probably buy this for friends.

    8. would have never tried this

      Posted by leslie ann on 28th Apr 2012

      after reading the reviews it convinced me to try this and it did not disappoint. this does work!

    9. I think I'm addicted

      Posted by Sharde B. on 12th Apr 2012

      I don't know if its all in my head, but I swear this stuff works, lol. After I give little man a bath, I dab a little of this on his throat and behind the ears and he's fast asleep before I finish putting his pjs on! Its smells so nice, I'm going to buy some for my 8 year old nephew to try it out on him, haha! Love it!

    10. magical, really!

      Posted by janine h on 19th Mar 2012

      when i read the description originally i thought "yeah right!" but sure enough it worked like a charm! not to mention it smells heavenly!

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