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KaWaii Baby Goodnight Heavy Wetter One-Size Pocket Diaper


  • Product Description

    One of the trickiest parts of cloth diapering is without a doubt the night time solution.  As your baby can sleep for 10 hours or longer you need a diaper that will absorb the wetness without having to have the dreaded "bubble butt" from overstuffing a diaper for added absorbency.

    The Kawai Goodnight Heavy Wetter diaper is one of the best solutions out there that has been specifically designed for night time use, as its name suggests.

    In order to achieve the absorbency needed to call it a true overnight solution this diaper comes with (2) extra large microfiber inserts and the outer cover features a 3 layer outer cover.

    Fit for babies from 8-36lbs. 

    The outer cover layer is made from new and improved Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Laminated Fabric which is a high performance, durable and water resistant fabric.

    This is a pocket diaper which fits most babies 8 - 36 lbs.  The fit of the diaper can be customized using the 3 rows of snaps on the front of the diaper.  The oversized inserts go in the pocket opening like any other pocket diaper and the cover it self can be used as a diaper cover with a prefold or fitted diaper.

    This diaper is 14" - 28" at the waist, 19.5" in length, 7.5" crotch and 13.5" - 19.5" on the rise.

  • Reviews

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    1. ahhhh sleep!

      Posted by jessica on 9th Apr 2014

      i was at my wits end with the nighttime leak issues that i was about to start using sposies at night until Stacy at JBN suggested i give this a try, and alas, it worked! my daughter now sleeps through the night with out soaking her outfit. i'm buying more so I have 1 for every night of the week. so worth the money.

    2. Good night time diaper!!!

      Posted by Meg on 14th Feb 2014

      I have tried to use other cloth diapers for night time, but I think this will be the one I stick with and they are super cute!

    3. fabtastic!!

      Posted by Carleen I on 9th Feb 2014

      I love this diaper! It's fantastic for overnight for my 9 month old little man. He used to wake up soaking wet with other cloth diapers and since we bought the kawii overnight his pjs are dry! He's even sleeping all night ( might be a coincidence might not :)) They are priced great! I have 2 but look forward to buying more within the next few weeks!!

    4. Great product but not for us

      Posted by Kristin Galea on 17th Nov 2013

      I gave this diaper 4 stars because I feel like it would be a great over night diaper if your baby does not nurse all night long.

      He is 6 months and teething and we also bed-share. Bed-sharing babies nurse more than babies that sleep separate from their mothers. Also the induction of teething is causing him to nurse more in general.

      The diaper's outer shell is made of a heaver weight material than the other Kawaii diapers and the pads are thick and long. I think when my baby is able to make it through the night without nursing so much this will work better.

    5. works all night!

      Posted by courtney c on 24th Sep 2013

      My 17 month old is 27lbs. The Kawaii ONHW lasts from 9-9 no problem! At half the price of other overnight fitteds, I'm so pleased!

    6. Haven't used yet, but....

      Posted by Jennifer on 9th Aug 2013

      Our baby boy hasn't arrived yet, but I purchased these because of the great reviews. I must say that purchasing from Jack Be Natural is a pleasure and I plan to do more of it! Shipping is super fast, and customer service is exceptional. I mean, how many companies send a hand written thank you note?! And store credit placed on your account for purchases.....a real plus! Don't stop what you're doing Jack Be Natural! It's working!

    7. Awesome for heavy wetters!

      Posted by Jennifer Case on 3rd Aug 2013

      We are cloth diapering our second child who is a very heavy wetter. At 10 weeks he is blowing through the absorbency amount that I used on his brother at 18 months! With this diaper we are able to use just one of the inserts that are provided and he sleeps through the night with out any diaper changes. It is a bit fluffier and stiffer then say a bumgenius 4.0 but at this point I'd rather have fluff then wet clothes:)

    8. didnt hold up

      Posted by Unknown on 30th Jun 2013

      I had heard so many good things about these heavy wetter diapers, so I decided to give them a try. My little 18 month old boy has peed threw his diaper almost every night since he was barely a couple months old. So we gave these a try and he didn't even make it to midnight before him and all his bedding were sopping wet. Maybe they work if they were big, but they definitely did not do the job for us.

    9. Great overnight diaper - as advertised

      Posted by Jessica on 21st Jun 2013

      The two microfiber inserts make for a bulky diaper - but especially for overnights and even just hanging around at home when my daughter can just have a diaper on that's just fine. I haven't had a leak yet with these. I am definitely interested in buying more especially since they are inexpensive for how well they work.

    10. Works just as advertised!

      Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2013

      I have used this on my boys (2 1/2 year old, 33 lbs; and 1 year old, 19 lbs with skinny thighs) for 4 nights now and no leaks! They both leak out of their other diapers. Awesome.

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 61 | Next

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